Water Safety

Leigh Peterson
Ph 89515504
Leichhardt House
Cnr. Gregory and Leichhardt Tce opp Library
Available to give class talks.
Online lesson plans with links to the NTCF outcomes.

  • They have “Kits” and interactive games available for borrowing.
  • They cover water safety in pools and marine safety. This includes dangerous and safe marine creatures, beach safety (swim between flags) and signage.
  • There is a little bit of information on inland water safety – checking before diving for hazards, checking for currents, what to do in a fast flowing river.
www.riversafe.org.nz - fact sheets about river safety.
Todd River trickling
Wills Tce foot bridge

dry Todd River
Todd River in flood

Todd River trickle

Both KGP3 and Band 1 NTCF cover changes in the sea, rivers, billabongs and the need for safety.
Band 1 talks about describing changes in the physical environment eg desert after a storm (river floods).

Water Safety have been approached re the possibility of including more information on inland safety eg how cold water holes can be, rafting down the flooded Todd, and how quickly rivers can change. They have some information in their kit.