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Solar Hot water system panel

How solar thermosiphon hot water systems work

In Australia it makes good sense to get your hot water free from the sun. Using the abundant available solar energy to heat water saves
money and signifi cantly reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
Solahart is Australia’s favourite manufacturer of solar water heaters with over 50 years experience in providing Hot Water Free From
The Sun. We often get asked about going solar, so here are the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions to help you evaluate
if a Solahart water heater is right for you.

This will vary depending on which part of Australia you live in, your current hot water system and hot
water usage patterns, and the model of Solahart you install and of course your fuel tariff.
For example, by installing a Solahart 302Kf Free Heat, our most effi cient model, you can cut your
* in the hotter parts (Zone 2 Alice Springs) of the country,water heating energy consumption by up to 90%
* in the temperate parts (Zones 1 & 3 Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide Canberra) and up to 60%* in the cooler parts (zone 4 Melbourne Hobart).up to 75%

How much will a Solahart water heater save me?
What are the environmental benefits of a Solahart water heater?

Water heating accounts for almost 30% of the average household’s energy usage. Getting your hot water free from the sun not only saves
energy, it also saves the greenhouse gas emissions that would have been produced to generate that energy. By replacing an electric storage
*, the equivalent of taking a small carwater heater with a Solahart you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 3 and 4 tonnes a year
off the road. In fact solar water heaters are so good for the environment that Renewable Energy Certifi cates and some State Government
incentives exist to make it easier to get into solar hot water.

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

RECs are designed to encourage the displacement of electricity with renewable energy sources. By installing a solar water heater in your
new home or replacing an existing electric or electric boosted solar water heater which has been installed for more than twelve months,
you will be eligible to create RECs. RECs can then be used to reduce the purchase price of your new Solahart.
Unfortunately replacing a gas, oil or wood fi red water heater with a solar water heater does not qualify for REC’s, as this does not displace
electricity. The number of RECs which may be created varies with the model of the water heater and the region you live in.
The value of RECs is not fi xed and varies from time to time. As at 1st Nov 2005 Solahart is offering to purchase your RECs for $25 each.
For example: a typical family installing a Solahart 302Kf Free Heat could qualify for up to 32 REC’s with a value of $800 (in Zones 1, 2
& 3). Further information on RECs is available from our website or your local Solahart expert.
Some state governments in Australia offer rebates to encourage the use of solar water heating.
The table outlines the maximum incentives available at the time of printing, however each
state has differing eligibility requirements. To fi nd out what rebates will apply to you and the
eligibility requirements, contact your local Solahart expert or check the list on our website.