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People & Places

  • Museum of Central Australia
  • Central Australian Gem and Mineral Club 89 529299 BH Jenny Mason
  • A/Sp. Desert Park: Rock around the Park.
  • ARID ZONE: will do talks, have a library to borrow from – books, posters, videos
Geoscience Australia:
Geological Society of Australia: > resources >education >geological survey >minerals and energy >geoscience >product catalogue & library catalogue

Wills Tce – cutting opposite OLSH . Pegmatite intrusion, gneiss. NB: detailed drawing of cutting available

Anzac Hill Wills Tce cross section

Anzac Hill cutting Wills Tce

Woods Tce - pegmatite intrusion (igneous) into gneiss (metamorphic)
Oldest rock in Australia circa 2000 million years. Was 700 Celsius. Comes from deep inside the earth.
Pegmatite intrusion Woods Tce

Simpsons Gap Cassia Hill – evidence of schist (from shale and earlier lake); quartzite from inland sea
Hugh River – fossil evidence of inland sea: blue/green algae. See Jenny Mason for further information and samples ph 89529299

a) A Layman’s Guide to the Geology of Central Australia by D.R. Woolley B.Sc.
b) The Geology of Australia , David Johnson
c) Geology and Landforms of Central Australia: Lecture notes Abdul Khan
d) MACDONNELL RANGES GUIDE: Geology & Landform – Alice Springs to Glen Helen by Dept of Mines and Energy
e) MACDONNELL RANGES GUIDE: Landscape and Geology – Alice Springs to Arltunga by Dept of Mines and Energy
f) Geology of the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve by M.D.J. Derriman Dept of Mines and Energy NT Geological Survey.

A Guide to the Geology and Landforms of Central Australia by RB Thompson SEE ARID ZONE

printable sheet of ROCK CYCLE game

Wall charts:
Most schools have copies of the NT Dept of Mines and Energy posters.

a) Selected minerals & gemstones of the Northern Territory
b) Rocks and minerals of the Northern Territory
Arid Zone: wall charts/posters showing how rocks mined are used in everyday life
· Rocks and Minerals: Most schools have samples of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rooks in their Science equipment.
For further information on books and excursions, contact Cathy McKeon 89 517052