Centre for Appropriate Technology CAT
32 Priest St
Alice Springs, NT 0870
(08) 8951 4311

The Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) works to secure sustainable livelihoods for communities of Indigenous people through appropriate technology. CAT provides information, knowledge and practical services across a range of areas including energy, housing and infrastructure, water, waste, telecommunications, transport and technical skills development. CAT utilises evidence based and applied problem solving approaches to assist communities of Indigenous people to access the information, services and skills required to live safe and happy lives.
They have models of:
Washing machine (levers and springs) –hand operated
Chip (wood) hot water heater
Hand operated water pump
Vandal and dust proof public telephones.
Solar technology
Hand operated washing machine
Hand operated water pump

Solar panel CAT

For more information re solar technology ph: Michael Tuckwell 89514343
They have a solar / renewable energy package with lesson plans
CLICK on RESOURCES/ Educational resources OR Energy Planning Activity Aids

  • Energy – where it comes from
  • How it’s used
  • Fossil fuels vs diesel vs solar energy
  • How to do an audit
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